Monthly Archives: November 2015

Opening statement

This is the website of the Seaton Virtual Branch of the Labour Party.  We report to our local Branch (Honiton & Axe Valley) but don’t have enough people wanting to meet up locally to form a proper Branch.  There is more information under the heading above Who We Are.

Please note our motto on the heading area: a narrative of positive change.  I think it is important to do more than criticize our opponents: we need also to analyze how their deficiencies can be overcome.

Only the scene in the picture may be beyond redemption. Seaton is battered by many forces: some (like the weather) beyond control, but other problems are produced by politicians and demand our urgent endeavour to affect or reverse. Tax Credits are still here because of Labour pressure, not the goodwill of the Chancellor. Even the weather is affected by global warming, which may not yet be entirely beyond our control.

I have suspended comments until I sort out spam filters. When they are operating, comments can be anonymous, but must include a valid email address which need not be published.  Further procedures will develop as we go along.