Monthly Archives: January 2016

Labour for Europe

As arranged at the last CLP meeting, this morning I went to the EU briefing session in Exeter and sat in the front row with the CLP Secretary and the CLP Campaigns Officer.

We met Clare Moody MEP and her staff and got a lot of information, but to my mind the most significant item was the lead to a wonderful app called Doorstep EU.  This was produced by Richard Corbett MEP and is a veritable treasurehouse of supportive campaign material.

I downloaded it from the official Google Play Store to my Android devices without problems. An Apple-using comrade confirms that it works equally well under iOS. Much easier to carry round from door to door than a bundle of booklets, it might even stand in for a hand-out to tech-savvy citizens – on their own devices, of course.

An excellent application of technology.

CLP meeting on 20th January 2016

My notes of the meeting are under the Branch News menu; but I want to make a few remarks first about Accessibility.

I  can’t drive at night, but I managed to get a lift to this meeting in Honiton – as I did for the previous meeting in Tiverton.  On each occasion, my driver had the greatest difficulty finding the venue – even with satellite navigation  assistance.  When we finally arrived, attendances was low – 10 to 20 people for a constituency with 470 members.  Why so few ?  Of course, our constituency covers a wide area with poor transport links, but perhaps we can use modern communication technology to counteract this . . . Skype, webcasting, tweeting feeds and so on.

I brought this up at the CLP meeting, and was recommended to use our Facebook site.  This is very active with a lot of tweets and other input, but it is nothing like a meeting.  So, if meetings are still relevant and useful, how can we bring more members to them; or failing that, how can we bring something of the meetings to the members?