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Meetings of the Party in Seaton

Well, it’s 8.15 pm on Thursday night and I have just got home from the first meeting at Winstons,  I had a pint of Carlsberg and the veggie platter – all by myself. No-one else turned up for the meeting.  I had previously received apologies from KC, MH, MrDH, GK and MS but some attendees would have been nice.  Let’s hope tomorrow’s meeting at Pebbles is more popular.

Friday morning.  Happily, there was a slightly better turnout at Pebbles.  Aside from me, JR and DB assembled at the Labour Party table. DB’s dog was under the table, but is not a registered supporter.  RR was going to attend but could not make it.

We were disappointed that more Seatonians did not want to meet up but agreed to make one more effort – perhaps a public meeting on a current topic. DB mentioned that many of his neighbours were against renewing Trident, and perhaps a debate might be a good idea.

What do you people think ? Any ideas to my mailbox.

Member confidentiality

Whereas I know the names of all Party members, affiliates and registered supporters in Seaton I recognise that some of us may not wish this to be generally known.  While there are no ducking stools or stocks in Seaton, I suppose one cannot be too cautious in so True-Blue an area.

So, when I report on the meetings of tomorrow and Friday I shall avoid names in favour of initials, generated as follows

  1. Initials will consist of two letters – one for the first name and the other for the surname.  So, James Semple would be JS
  2. If a first name is not recorded the initial will start with the title, followed by the surname. So Mr Semple would be MrS
  3. If two or more have the same initials, any middle initial will be included.  So, James William Semple would be JWS
  4. If no middle initial is recorded, the title will be included, as for rule 2. So, if there is a MsJS or DrJS I would be MrJS.

So far this set of rules has been sufficient to handle our cadre of 40 comrades.  If further ambiguities arise I will post new rules on this site.

Actual meetings of the virtual branch

Looking at our membership it seems clear that some of us work during the day and others don’t.  Therefore, some people will prefer an evening meeting, while others (like me) want to settle down with a cup of cocoa after dark and would prefer a daytime slot – preferably with a hot drink provided.  I have therefore arranged one of each :-

  •  7 pm on Thursday 18th February at Winstons, Harbour Road, Seaton EX12 2LZ
  • 1030 am on Friday 19th February at Pebbles Coffee House, Marine Place, Seaton EX12 2LS

Each of these establishments is happy for us to meet on their premises at these times, on the assumption (but not the obligation) of purchasing their comestibles.  I had a cappuccino and apricot slice at Pebbles and half a pint of Carlsberg at Winstons; but both places have lots of other choices.  Winstons also has a function room, which we can occupy if enough people turn up.

I don’t have an agenda.  When we see how many people turn up we can decide what to do about future activities.

For those who don’t know me, I will be the old badger with the grey beard and Tilley Hat.  See you then.

Local action for Seaton ward

We are not really a branch.  In the Labour Party the basic group is the CLP: within this, branches (BLPs) can be set up.  We have two BLPs . . . Tiverton & District and Honiton & District (mostly Axminster but also Seaton). We did not get enough support for a third BLP for Seaton, but were allowed to form a virtual branch – hence this website.

Now, however, we have been offered some limited power – knowledge of the contact details of Seaton members. This allows us to organise ourselves to meet up and do Labour things in our town without having to travel miles and miles to Tiverton or Honiton.

I am trying to set up a meeting, perhaps with coffee on a Saturday. Watch this space . . . and your mailbox.