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Local action in Labour politics

I was directed on Facebook to listen to a BBC radio programme on grassroots political movements.  Three activists – from South Africa, Latin America and California –  described their experiences . . .  under widely different circumstances,  as you might imagine.

What struck a chord with our situation here in the UK was the first of these from the president of a group called Abahlali baseMjondolo,  which means Shack Dwellers in Zulu. A significant quote from elsewhere (wiki) expresses this well:-
The philosophy of Abahlali baseMjondolo with regards to elections can be u summarised by the following statement from its elected president S’bu Zikode, “The government and academics speak about the poor all the time, but so few want to speak to the poor…It becomes clear that our job is just to vote and then watch the rich speak about us as we get poorer”.

One of our tasks in this area is to build up and develop the image and membership of the party,  and the existing programme of support for local candidates for elected office must continue; but is it enough?  Brexit has driven home the message that disregarded communities reject existing political grouping in favour of more radical voices.  When these voices present immigration as the cause of all their ills then a surge in Eurosceptcism is inevitable. 

East Devon had a high Brexit vote: was this for the same reason as in Sunderland? It is impossible to be sure,  but my suggestion for party action is to assume that it does and focus showing how Labour will be addressing the problems of deprivation in our area.

What do people think?

The leadership

Starting from Monday 22nd we shall be voting for Leader of the Labour Party.

I have made no secret of my own opinion on the matter,  but a member of the opposite opinion has contacted me reporting a feeling of exclusion from the website and consequently,  perhaps the branch.

Such was not my intention.   All members are welcome to the branch whatever their opinion on the minutiae of party policy.   To emphasise this I have de-Corbynised the heading.  All members are also welcome to place material on this site, either as emails or by direct post (see Comments menu).

My referring to Jeremy Corbyn as the Great Leader also caused alarm as reflecting a Maoist cult of personality.   Again,  I must apologise: it was my attempt at a humorous satire of the level of support he has engendered. This is not a Maoist or Stalinist or Trotskyist site: it will adhere strictly to orthodox Labour principles.

A Facebook group for SVLP

Like many senior citizens, I suspect, I have avoided social media – firstly because it seemed filled with giddy youngsters documenting every living moment of their existence; and secondly because I found it difficult to manage.

But I have been converted: far more is written and read there about the doings of our Party than can be ignored.  I have therefore opened a SVLP Group which is open to all CLP members to join. If you fall into this category, ask and ye shall be admitted.

I have also had a response from a new Seaton member to the welcoming email I sent out asking to be removed from my list. This I have done, but I do not control the CLP list.  In general, email shots to all our members will be avoided.