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Campaigning – full speed ahead

I have circulated those Seaton members whose details I have been given. If these are not up to date please excuse us. The short notice of the election is our excuse, together with the small number of active members. Please drop in at the stall and collect some leaflets at:

Saturday 27th 1030-1230 Windsor Gardens or Monday 29th 1030-1230 Near Fisherman’s Gap on the seafront

Suspension of campaigning

Following the Manchester atrocity political campaigning has been suspended. We are authorised to distribute leaflets and display posters but not to engage in public meetings or canvassing until Friday 26th May.

I will be setting up a stand in Windsor Gardens opposite the Town Hall on Saturday 27th May from 1030 until 1230 to display posters and hand out leaflets. Any Labour members able to help, or just wishing to make contact can meet me there.





Poster for display

Election and voting

The Constituency Labour Party has begun the campaign to elect a Labour MP. We have an excellent candidate in Caroline Kolek and weak competition (other than Farmer Neil and the impacted mass of Conservative voters who support him.  Back to them later.)  Of the remainder, I hear that neither UKIP nor the Greens will be contesting the seat, so we only have the LibDems to consider.

The LibDem candidate is Dr Matthew Wilson, an entrepeneur from Paignton.  His doctorate is in Robotics and he runs “companies that support businesses providing networks that allow them to access new markets and support public sector staff such as NHS works by providing them with retail discounts.”  Better than foodbanks, I suppose. Anyway, he is not local and has no experience of the problems of our patch, so Caroline has the edge there.

There has been some talk on the media of a progressive alliance of parties opposed to the Tory hegemony and putting up a single progressive candidate. Whatever the merits of this idea, the Labour party is against it; however there is nothing in the rule books about tactical voting. That being so, I invite all potential LibDem voters to vote for Caroline as the stronger candidate to give us the greatest chance of throwing off the Tory yoke.

County elections

What can I say. Well, the only crumbs of comfort I can offer are that the Poll was low and biased towards older voters (like me) who tend to the right politically (not like me). A general election should be less biased.

Anyway, we have to go on; but in which direction? Do we (a) fight our seat, (b)transfer our efforts to nearby marginal seats or (c) arrange strategic voting with other parties opposed to the Tories.

Myself, I am going for option (a). What do others think? Email to