Monthly Archives: July 2017

From the general to the particular

With the growth and development of Seaton Labour I find myself in a new position. Once the only voice crying in a Tory wilderness, I now find myself surrounded by dozens of keen, young activists bristling with the media sophistication that has always eluded me. 

I have therefore relinquished my quasi-official position as Seaton Ward Convener and deleted the Membership data which was passed to me. This site is now just my ideas and reactions and has no connection with the official group, Seaton Labour. However, as a Labour member, I will continue to post news and comments from my personal point of view.

Agenda for 2nd Meeting

Tonight’s meeting at 6pm (sorry about the confusion) in the Eyre Court should deal with the following:

1. Introduction of attendees, and apologies
2. Report on CLP meeting 13th July in Honiton
3. Future structure of this branch
4. Reports from working groups [printing(JS) , child protection and social media (TR)]
5. Report from Campaign Group (JB)
6. Suggestions for branch activities
7. Any Other business
8. Date of the next meeting.

No change in start time for 2nd meeting

After consultation on changing the start time, it seems the notice period is too short and members not on email will not have been informed.

So, the meeting will start at 6pm as advertised. We can consider any changes at the meeting itself.

Second Branch Meeting

The second meeting of the Seaton Branch is due at the Eyre Court Hotel conservatory on Monday 17th July, starting at 6pm.

I have had a request to start later – at 7pm.  I have emailed the membership for any objections to this later start, and will post the result of this consultation on this site on Saturday morning.