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A new beginning


I joined the Party when our Leader was elected, and when I was living in outer, True-Blue darkness in Seaton – part of the Tiverton and Honiton constituency of Neil Parish.

I liked Seaton, and enjoyed working with the eager and energetic activists that made up the Seaton virtual branch; but gathering age and decrepitude led me to desert the Seaton sea air for the cosy fug of the city of Exeter – so much more convenient for the hospital.

And, miracle of miracles, after years under the Tory yoke I now live under Labour rule, at both City and Parliamentary levels. The local Branch has proper headquarters and lots of meetings – and yet I miss the pioneering activism of the outcast status we had in Seaton.

From the general to the particular

With the growth and development of Seaton Labour I find myself in a new position. Once the only voice crying in a Tory wilderness, I now find myself surrounded by dozens of keen, young activists bristling with the media sophistication that has always eluded me. 

I have therefore relinquished my quasi-official position as Seaton Ward Convener and deleted the Membership data which was passed to me. This site is now just my ideas and reactions and has no connection with the official group, Seaton Labour. However, as a Labour member, I will continue to post news and comments from my personal point of view.

Agenda for 2nd Meeting

Tonight’s meeting at 6pm (sorry about the confusion) in the Eyre Court should deal with the following:

1. Introduction of attendees, and apologies
2. Report on CLP meeting 13th July in Honiton
3. Future structure of this branch
4. Reports from working groups [printing(JS) , child protection and social media (TR)]
5. Report from Campaign Group (JB)
6. Suggestions for branch activities
7. Any Other business
8. Date of the next meeting.

No change in start time for 2nd meeting

After consultation on changing the start time, it seems the notice period is too short and members not on email will not have been informed.

So, the meeting will start at 6pm as advertised. We can consider any changes at the meeting itself.

Second Branch Meeting

The second meeting of the Seaton Branch is due at the Eyre Court Hotel conservatory on Monday 17th July, starting at 6pm.

I have had a request to start later – at 7pm.  I have emailed the membership for any objections to this later start, and will post the result of this consultation on this site on Saturday morning.


Social Mobility failure

If you look at Social Mobility Report 2017 you can read about the failure of successive governments to help our less advantaged citizens take advantage of our society.

I wonder how much this can help our program of social action.

Labour reborn

The previous, pre-election post is – thankfully – out of date. Led by our Leader, Party support has surged ahead in country and constituency alike. Unfortunately, not quite far enough to take power; but the highly unstable  Tory/DUP administration cannot remain long in post. We need to be ready for another election before the year is out: it could be announced tomorrow.

The Seaton membership has come to life, in concert with the Party as a whole. We had a very successful meeting of 12 members at the Eyre Court Hotel in Seaton from 6pm on 19th June and agreed to meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at the same time and place until further notice.


Campaigning – full speed ahead

I have circulated those Seaton members whose details I have been given. If these are not up to date please excuse us. The short notice of the election is our excuse, together with the small number of active members. Please drop in at the stall and collect some leaflets at:

Saturday 27th 1030-1230 Windsor Gardens or Monday 29th 1030-1230 Near Fisherman’s Gap on the seafront

Suspension of campaigning

Following the Manchester atrocity political campaigning has been suspended. We are authorised to distribute leaflets and display posters but not to engage in public meetings or canvassing until Friday 26th May.

I will be setting up a stand in Windsor Gardens opposite the Town Hall on Saturday 27th May from 1030 until 1230 to display posters and hand out leaflets. Any Labour members able to help, or just wishing to make contact can meet me there.





Poster for display