Here are the web addresses for various useful and friendly sites:

Tiverton and Honiton Constituency Labour Party Our CLP site with link to us.

Tiverton and Honiton Facebook page.  Also our CLP, but only on Facebook.  Very active, but needs Facebook membership

Labour List : news and comment with frequent updating.  Some suggestion that they are unduly influenced by Unison and Reg Prentice (see below).

Left Futures  : More radical and wide-ranging. They are currently complaining about Labour List and Reg Prentice.  Very good list of contributors and their links, although the late Michael Meacher is still listed as a contributor – perhaps by oujia board.

Mainly Macro : Authoritative, accessible, frequently-updated economics blog

Chartist  : Bi-monthly Magazine of the democratic left, both paper and online.  Wide-ranging coverage and gossip. Another critic of Labour List

Martin Shaw : Professor of International relations. Serious commentator on current events

East Devon Watch  : Critical investigator of local government activities in East Devon. Some national scandals